Your PAA Pathway

Pinnacle Aviation Academy has trained thousands of people to fly for fun, for business and for careers in aviation. With a Private Pilot Certificate, you may take passengers on day or night flights in visual conditions. The Instrument Rating expands your experience by permitting flight in clouds and instrument approaches to airports. The Multi Engine Rating will allow you to fly both Single Engine and Multi-Engine aircraft.

You do not need to have perfect vision and super human capabilities to fly general aviation aircraft.

General Aviation is a challenge and adventure for the entire family. We see an increasing number of Father/Sons, Mother/Daughters and Husband/Wife teams learning to fly. Some pilots choose to purchase aircraft or buy into an aircraft partnership. Pinnacle Aviation Academy is a Cessna Pilot Center and can provide you with factory fresh Cessna Single Engine Aircraft. Many new pilots prefer to rent different types aircraft. Pinnacle Aviation Academy can once again meet your requirements! Whether your choice is a Cessna 152, Cessna 172, or Cessna 182, we have the aircraft on line and available for rent after completing your flight training.

We are pleased to support groups such as “The 99’s” and “Women in Aviation”. More so even today, women are finding out how much fun it is to learn to fly. We are excited to have women representing Pinnacle Aviation Academy in our instructor staff and management team.

Please select the information available on this page or feel free to give our friendly staff a call at 760-929-1009. They enjoy talking about the challenge and adventure of general aviation.