Timeline and tuition

Your pursuit of higher education is one of the most important investments you’ll make.

And once you’ve decided to take your future to the next level, the first step in financing your education by exploring personal and family resources.

After you’ve identified your personal resources, the next step is to investigate financial aid opportunities, as well as other financial assistance programs that can supplement your financing.

Outlined below are Pinnacle Aviation Academy’s “Professional Pilot Courses” for pilots interested in a career in aviation.

We are able to schedule a training program that meets your individual schedule needs.

Course Full time Average Approximate Flight Hours Estimated Cost
Private Pilot License 8 to 12 Weeks 55 $10,975
Instrument Rating 8 to 12 Weeks 57 $13,565
Commercial Pilot – Single Engine 9 to 17 Weeks 120 $23,320
Commercial Pilot – Multi-Engine (add-On) 2 to 4 Weeks 15 $6,945
Certified Flight Instructor 6 to 9 Weeks 25 $7,190
Instrument Flight Instructor 4 to 8 Weeks 20 $4,810
Multi-Engine Flight Instructor 3 to 5 Weeks 25 $11,805

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact us at info@pinnacleacademy.com or call (760) 929-1009.