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Cessna 172 Discovery Flight

Price: $99
Usable Fuel: 53 gallons
Engine Horsepower: 160
True Airspeed: 122 kts
Range: 580 nm

Cessna 152 Discovery Flight

Price: $79
Useable Fuel: 24.5 gallons
Engine Horsepower: 110
True Airspeed: 105 kts
Range: 350 nm

Whether you want a career in aviation or just to fly for fun, a Discovery Flight is the perfect way to start!

The flight experience is an Hour block with an instructor and out of that about 30 minutes long and you will get to be hands on with the airplane.

A flight instructor will be along for the ride and be there to make sure things are done safely.

They are also able to give you a tour of our facility and answer any questions you have about the program.

If you have any questions about the flights or would like to schedule a Discovery flight, give call us today at 760-929-1009

or Send us a Message down below.

We look forward to having you fly with us!