Our Instructors

What makes your school’s instructors different from the others? That is a question that prospective clients should ask all flight schools. Pinnacle Aviation Academy believes we have the right answer.

  • First: Our management team is made up of professional instructors with extensive flying and teaching experience. These instructors set our high standards and are mentors for the remainder of our instructor team.
  • Second: Our staff instructors are not just hired based on their passing an FAA practical test for Certified Flight Instructor. We hire most of our instructors from graduates of our flight instructor program. (We know the type of training they have received.) Additionally, our management team interviews each applicant to determine their suitability for employment at Pinnacle Aviation Academy. We are not interested in “time builders”. Sure, most instructors are building time as they teach so they can be eligible for other jobs in aviation. We are interested in instructors who will be professional teachers while on the way to other aviation jobs. Once we have determined the applicant is acceptable, they move on to several other stages of the interview including, ground school teaching ability, flight teaching ability and instrument flight proficiency. Instructor applicants with the desire and talent to teach are then considered for employment. 
  • Third: Once an instructor is on staff, they are “mentored” by the management team to ensure each student receives quality instruction even from a relatively new instructor. All instructors attend regular training sessions in which emphasis is placed on safety teaching technique and standardization.

Provided is a photo and bio of each of our instructors so that you can make an educated decision regarding the Instructor Pilot who is the best fit for you!