CFI Jobs

Benefits of Instructing With Pinnacle Aviation Academy


Whether your goal is to build flight hours for entry into the airlines or seek a career in flight school training, we invite you to join us.

We provide both Part 141/61 training. 

Our flight instruction team includes experienced career instructors, military and professional pilots and new CFIs on their path to the airlines and other pilot careers.

In about 18-22 months you will build the flight experience required for the ATP Certificate and 1500-hour airline hiring minimums.

Our focus is delivering exceptional training in attaining successful student outcomes while enjoying a wonderful working environment. 

Earn up to $42,000 as a CFI and $45,000 as a CFII. Pinnacle Aviation Academy is Hiring!!

You will be instructing in a 141 Flight School with a fleet of 12 aircraft and 2 AATDs.
Fly in sunny San Diego. Average temperature 70 degrees!
Please submit resume and cover letter.

A minimum CFI rating is required for flight instructors to be hired.