Certified Flight Instructor

For those who enjoy teaching, and want to gain hours to go into a career as a pilot, a Flight Instructor Certificate is the next step for many to teach Private and Commercial Single Engine Airplane.

To enroll in the flight instructor certificate course, you must hold a commercial pilot certificate and an instrument rating or airline transport pilot certificate and an aircraft category class rating for which the course applies.

Approximate Training

25 hours – Cessna 172R      @ $200/hr $5,000                 
29 hours – Flight Instruction @ $95/hr $2,707.50
11 hours – Stage Checks     @ $100/hr $1,150
  Total Flight Training Expense** *$8,857.50                  

Each Lesson is fully described within the Jeppesen syllabus, including the objectives, standards, and measurable unites of accomplishment and learning for each lesson.

The objectives and standards for each stage are described within the syllabus.

* The actual training cost depends on the rate of learning of each student.

** In each of the above examples, the cost of study materials, charts and examiner’s fee are in addition to the flight training expense.