1998 Cessna 172R – N346CP

Pinnacle Aviation Academy has five Cessna 172R and one Cessna 172SP aircraft. Each Skyhawk aircraft is equipped identically so that our students enjoy the ability to schedule our aircraft and find a fully IFR equipped King digital silver Crown radio package in each aircraft.  The Cessna Skyhawk is known for its dependability and practicality, it makes and excellent training aircraft.

This 1998 Cessna Skyhawk aircraft comes equipped with a KLN 89B GPS unit.  Pinnacle Aviation Academy maintains and updates our GPS databases every 28 days, as is required for IFR flight.  Learning to be an expert with the GPS is easy with our GPS Ground School class!

Garmin 650 Avionics
Dual Nav/Coms
VOR/ Localizer/ Glideslope
ADSB-In & Out
ADS-B Traffic, Weather 
Marker Beacons

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