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Instrument Rating

If you have had your travel plans canceled or delayed due to our persistent coastal low clouds and fog during certain times of the year, perhaps you should consider adding an instrument rating to your pilot certificate. Pinnacle Aviation Academy offers training for your instrument rating in our new Cessna 172’s and our FAA certificated AST 300 simulator. For those students desiring to minimize training cost, we can also incorporate a portion of the training in a Cessna 152 which would reduce the cost by approximately $500. Our FAR Part 141 Instrument Rating Course requires a minimum of 35 hours of “under the hood” flight time to complete (Approximately 40 hours of total time).

The Instrument Rating Course is Made up of Three Stages:

Stage 1: Provides basic instrument attitude flying and an introduction to navigation.
Stage 2: Trains our students for holding patterns, DME arcs and instrument approaches.
Stage 3: Contains cross country flights and preparation for the practical test.

FAA 141 Minimum Instrument Course

30 hours Cessna 172R @ $155/hr. $4,650
10 hours AST 300 SIM @ $49/hr. 490
30 hours Flt. Instruction @ $80/hr. 2,400
10 hours Stage Checks @ $90/hr. 900
 5 hours Gnd. Instructon @ $80/hr. 400
Total Training Cost ** $8,840

Average Instrument Pilot Training Time

45 hours Cessna 172R @ $ 155/hr. $6,975
10 hours AST 300 SIM @ $49/hr. 490
45 hours Flt. Instruction @ $80/hr. 3,600
10 hours Stage Checks @ $90/hr. 900
20 hours Grnd. Instruction @ $80/hr. 1,600
Total Training Cost ** *$13,565

Pinnacle Aviation Academy has provided quality Instrument training for hundreds of pilots who have completed their course with flight times that are slightly over the FAA minimums. We recommend the Cessna Computer Based Training Course, which is an interactive program that provides the Ground School training as well as previews each flight lesson. The flight lesson previews allow you to see what you will be learning in the air – before you go fly! The Cessna Course contains everything you need to get started on your instrument training.

Cessna Instrument Course Includes:

  • Videos and full motion diagrams of the course materials
  • A complete FAA Knowledge exam review program –helps prepare you for the FAA written test
  • Pilot Information Manual – C172S
  • IFR Flight Planning Log
  • IFR Chart Organizer
  • Electronic version of the FAR/AIM

Benefits of the Cessna Training Program

  • IT SAVES YOU TIME! You don’t have to travel back and forth to a ground school class 2-3 times per week.
  • CONVENIENCE - You can study when and where you choose! Home, Office or at the flight school.
  • REVIEW – you can review thelessons just before your check ride to “freshen up” – also down the road, when you need an Instrument Proficiency Check, just dust off your course and review!

Value of the Cessna Training Program:

  • The course includes over 30 hours worth of Instructional video lessons– If a Flight Instructor covered all the material in the course it would amount to over $1,700.00 of ground lessons billed!!!!
  • The computer based instruction lessons are taught by professionals. They include full motion graphics that could never be reproduced in the ground training class room environment.
  • With the Cessna training program minimal additional ground is needed, lowering the cost of flight training!
  • The course never expires, so you'll have access to all of the in-depth knowledge sessions and flight previews and can review important topics well after you have completed your training.

The average part-time student completes the Instrument Rating in 6 months and 57 hours. The average full-time student completes the Instrument Rating in 6 weeks and 47 hours. Please contact one of our friendly instructors for more information!

* The actual training cost depends on the rate of learning of each student.

** In each of the above examples, the cost of study materials, charts and examiner's fee are in addition to the flight training expense.


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