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G1000 IFR & VFR Class $349


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G1000 IFR & VFR Class $349


Master G1000 technology


Be a safe, proficient pilot with more "heads up" time and less time with your head down programming G1000 units.


This is a 7 hour ground course covering the use of the Garmin G1000, NAV III Avionics package.  Be in command of using the system BEFORE you get in the air.  Some of the topics covered are:

        - the buttons, knobs and system logic 

        - understand and use the Primary Flight Display (PFD)

        - understand and use the Multi Function Display (MFD)

        - navigate with moving maps, flight plans and direct to...  with confidence

        - use of facilities pages

        - using the system IFR

        - and so much more!    


This course is both a lecture and a lab utilizing Pinnacle's G1000 PC trainer, giving you valuable time using a G1000 computer simulation to practice and learn without paying the aircraft rental price!  This is a hands-on workshop.  This course will boost your level of situational awareness and help you master the Garmin G1000 with less "head down" time.  This course includes and uses the King Schools "Cleared for flying the Garmin G1000" CD kit (value $249) which provides you with the necessary preparation for the course.  The price of our course includes these valuable CDs which you keep and can use for review later.   (Please watch the video training CDs that are included with the course prior to our class date - this will allow you to keep up with the fast paced course and have more time for the hands-on workshop!)


Upon completion of the course you will be issued a TAA certificate of training (many insurance companies are reducing insurance rates on owned aircraft if the PIC completes TAA certified training).  You will also be issued FAA wings credit - this course has been approved by the FAA safety program for wings credit!


This is a 7 hour group Ground School Course offered on evenings and weekends at a discounted rate.   If the group ground school class times don't work with your schedule, we can schedule one on one training with you and a Certified Flight Instructor using our PC Trainers or even with your personal TAA unit in your own aircraft.  Just give us a call  (760-929-1009) to schedule one on one G1000 training with a CFI for only $59 per hour.  


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