Career Aviation

Career Aviation

Career Flight Training for the Professional Pilot

Pinnacle Aviation Academy is an FAA approved 141 school with flight test examining authority. We have been graduating professional pilots since 1997. We currently have over 80 of our graduates employed by SkyWest Airlines and many more with SouthWest Airlines, United Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Mesa Airlines, ExpressJet, AirTran Airways, Ameriflight, Corporate, Air Taxi (FAR 135) and more!

Whether you choose fast track full time training or part time training that will accommodate work and or school requirements, Pinnacle Aviation Academy has a Professional Pilot Program to meet your needs. In order to be competitive in the job market… there are some boxes you need to check.

  • Completion of a four-year college degree (Major Airline requirement).
  • Completion of advance aeronautical certificates.
  • Flight experience suitable for employers.

Pinnacle Aviation Academy has 3 college degree programs for you to choose from. Completing your flight training at Pinnacle Aviation Academy is a cost effective way to get college credit for flight training and complete your degree! Pinnacle Aviation Academy can help you cross a four-year college degree off the list.

Just a Few of our Career Aviation Graduates

Pinnacle Aviation Academy has over 80 graduates with SkyWest Airlines! We provide the advance aeronautical certificates and training need to get hired. Flight training at Pinnacle assures the safest, most complete and professional approach towards achieving your career goals. Pinnacle Aviation Academy can help you cross advanced aeronautical certificates off the list.

Ryan Price & Jon Carley - Skywest
Ryan Price, Skywest Captain
Jon Carley, Skywest First Officer
Alan Burke - Skywest
Alan Burke - Skywest First Officer
Ryan Price & Jon Carley - Skywest
Gina Martyn - Skywest Captain & Check Airman
Jeff Grossman - Skywest First Officer
Jeff Grossman - Skywest First Officer

There are several ways to obtain the required flight experience (total flight hours) to get hired. The best and least expensive way to obtain flight experience is through Instructing as a Certified Flight Instructor. Students who enjoy teaching may want to consider additional training to become a Certified Flight Instructor. Many pilots choose this route on their way to future aviation jobs. Pinnacle Aviation Academy is currently hiring qualified Certified Flight Instructors who enjoy teaching and sharing their love of aviation with other pilots. Other students choose to acquire additional flight time in multi-engine aircraft to meet the hiring requirements of corporate flight departments and other aviation employers by “building time” in our 2002 Seminole. Pinnacle Aviation Academy can help you cross flight experience off the list.

Contact us today to see how our pleasant staff can provide you with the information to make an informed choice for your Professional Pilot Training Program.


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