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Our Aircraft

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0 Frasca 131 Simulator - Sim

0 Frasca 131 Simulator - Sim 0 Frasca 131 Simulator - Sim

Pinnacle Aviation Academy has one Frasca 131 Flight Training Device (Flight Simulator).  Our Frasca 131 is FAA approved for Instrument Flight Training, Instrument Currency Training and even can be used for a portion of the Instrument Checkride.
This Frasca can be utilized to simulate a singe engine fixed gear aircraft, single engine retractable gear aircraft.   We have it loaded with Databases from instrument approaches in Southern California and other various locations.

Equipment Specifications:
  • Dual Nav/Coms
  • VOR/Localizer
  • Glideslope
  • Transponder
  • Encoder
  • Intercom
  • ADF
  • ADF
  • RMI
  • DME
  • HSI
  • Marker Beacons
  • Stormscope
  Hourly Rental Rates:
Academy Rate:
Regular Rate: $49.00


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